Caffè Nero

are the ones that we would especially like to give credit for their commitment ,hard work, and their smiles.
So here's a gallery of great portraits of them: their likes, dislikes, what they can cook and their most recurrent nightmare.... A walk in their most real and personal thoughts, fun and real like them , we love it, you will too.

MEET: Pawel  Kowlski 

Manager at Cafè Nero,from Poland.

Your Favourite book

Call Me Fun

Your dream job as akid

basketball player

Something you’re not good at

I’m not a good liar 

A costume you used to wear to play

Liked being a Musketeer

A memorable teacher

My First teacher was my favourite – teaching polish, maths and geography.  He learnt English by visiting the UK.

Your favourite game as a child


A fear you have

I realised up the Eifel tower that I don’t like heights

What would you do if you won a million pounds?

I’d by a nice house near a beach and invest in own business in the UK.

Something you gave up.

I gave up basketball as I stared not to like playing

Something you enjoy doing

Love watching football -  Match of the Day

Your Favourite actor

Michael Keaton.

Your greatest challenge

Buying a flat and decorating.

How much would you want for a complete head shave?

£1000 would be fine.

Your favourite cake 

Fudge Cake

Which ingredients would you use in a Pizza making competitions?

I Would use spicy ingredients.

What embarrasses you?


Your earliest memory

Being in hospital at the age of 7 months  - I remember so many details my parents are amazed!

Something you’d change of your appearance

my “Banana” nose

Your favourite smell

Smell of Christmas

Something you would never do

Would never jump off a cliff or parachute.

Your most treasured possession

Our family dog that lived for 22 years.

A job that would be your worst nightmare

Could not be a house keeper by trade

What makes you depressed?

I get depressed if my football team loses or if my wife is sad.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

More money …- £10,000,000 would help!!!

People you don’t like

Moody people who are unpredictable.

Life would be much better if …

I could be happy every day.

Something you could teach

Could teach anyone how to make a good coffee!

A year you hated

My last year of primary school – aged 12.

Your favourite colours

My Favourite colour is red - I'm a Liverpool supporter.

Something you can cook

Anything from a recipe book! I love the challenge of cooking.