Eats and Treats

are the ones that we would especially like to give credit for their commitment ,hard work, and their smiles.
So here's a gallery of great portraits of them: their likes, dislikes, what they can cook and their most recurrent nightmare.... A walk in their most real and personal thoughts, fun and real like them , we love it, you will too.

MEET: Jasmine

Owner of Eats &Treats

What’s your favourite book?

Gone with the wind

Your childhood ambition

It was to be an actress or a presenter

Do you like dressing up?

I Always dress up for every occasion – I am half Persian andI am also happy to go in fancy dress.

Your favourite teacher

It was an arts teacher – a subject in which I exceeded.

Something you are scared of

I am very scared of Snakes

What was youfavourite game as a kid?


What would you do if you won £1M

I am not keen of winning a £1m ! I would have to invest it…

Your favourite TV /tv programme at the moment?


Who’s your favourite actor/actress ?

I Try not to have a favourite actors or actresses as theyhave all died in the past – I’d prefernot to endanger someone!

What is your next challenge?

To be a mother.

How much would you need to be offered to shave your hair completely?

No money in the world would tempt me to have my hair shavedoff!

What job would you like to try for a day?

I Would love to try every job in the country – that meanseverything!

What is your favourite cake?

Battenberg cake.

What pizza would you make in a world competition?

Goats cheese and onion.

The one thing you hated about your family habits…

I Hated them smoking when I was younger but it would be nowa hypocrisy as I am now a smoker!

What is your earliest memory?

Painful falling of my cycle at the age of 4

One thing you would change of your body?

I would change my earlobes if I was to change anything.

One thing you would never do

Will never bungee jump – who would do that?!

What is your most favourite possession?

It is a cuddlyelephant that I’ve had had all my life.

How do you relax?

Spa days !

What is your worst nightmare?

To lose a family member.

The one thing that would improve the quality of your life

Having a family on my own!

The word that you tend to overuse most

“do you know what Imean?” and also “sorry”

What makes you cry?

Watching passionate contestants in X factor I want them toachieve!

Where would you like to live?

In a nice house in Christchurch near water.

What is your most recurrent nightmare?

A Nightmare that used to reoccur was falling off a rollercoaster.

What kind of people do you not like?

I Hate people who stay ignorant or are obsessed withsomething.

One thing you could teach?

I could teach people how to paint artistically.

Day or Night?

I’m a night bird!

Money or fame?

Money !

What can you cook ?

Anything from a recipe!

Your worst year at school

Towards the end with the lack of fun and facing change.