are the ones that we would especially like to give credit for their commitment ,hard work, and their smiles.
So here's a gallery of great portraits of them: their likes, dislikes, what they can cook and their most recurrent nightmare.... A walk in their most real and personal thoughts, fun and real like them , we love it, you will too.


Shop Assistant at WH Smith

Where would youlike to live?

Would like to live in Jersey

Do you dream at night?

I have dreams about work! …Also odd worrieskeep me awake at night at times

People you don’tlike..

annoying customers

What’s your favourite colour?


Something you can cook

Roast dinners

Your earliest memory

A holiday with my family in Italy aged 5years old

One thing you would change of your appearance

My teeth.

Your favourite smell

I love the smell of candles when blown out

How do you relax?

With social media and TV.

Have you got a fear?

It’s a phobia..! phobia of Blood – I couldnever give blood

A phrase you overuse..

I Like to say“keep in touch” and “must catch up”

Your favourite job as a kid

I wanted to be a florist !

Do you sometimes lie?

Yes about my age!

Your fancy dress as a kid..

Snow White

What was your favourite game as child

Skipping and hopscotch – active games

What would you do if you won a million £?

Would pay the mortgage off and get bigger house … and have holidays.

One thing you’ve given up

Gave up on most sports tried over the years.

Your favourite tv program and actor/actress?

I love TV –especially Emmerdale.. Favourite actor Paul Nicole

What is your next challenge? find my forever home!

How much money would you want to dye your hair fuchsia?

I Would dye my hair any colour for £10,000

A job you would like to try for one day.

Hmm…I would like to be an ice cream van operator for one day.

Your favourite cake?

Victoria sponge

What annoys you?

I get annoyed as my family do not answer phones but then will call me back after leaving a message