Facing New Hair Fashion

Facing New Hair Fashion


Let us face it – not everyone can be fashionable.  Or can they?  Helen A’Court the proprietor of  Acourt’s salon at Castlepoint gets enthusiastic about the thought of finding a hairfashion for anyone.

“Its all about the face shape and the life style of the customer,” Helen insists immediately as theinterview starts. “We love the opportunity to do complete make overs on a customer as we can not only make them more fashionable, but look better, healthier and help them manage their hair within the lifestyle they lead.  You can tell if a look is good on you as people will actually comment positively.”

Trending styles can be applied to almost anyone but Helen stresses that make up, contouring colours and face shape can determine how brilliant or beautiful the resulting style appears.  To demonstrate the use ofc olour, Helen will often use different swabs of fabric near a client’s face to highlight the change of a colour, or just a tone in a colour, can make an appreciable difference.

“It’s an exciting to do anything different and positive and fashion seasons ensure that we need not become bored with the way we look to ourselves, and the way everyone seesus.  Our own constant training at thesalon keeps us on top of what is current and we can confidently work to meet the demand.”

Depending on the fashion chosen by a customer, home care advice and education is included to that the manageability of a look can be achieved. Helen encourages customers to return after a week to discuss and reviewa ny issues that may have arisen and encourages people to call for advice if required.

“Like other professions we train continuously and so we are keen to impart our advice and experience on to our customers. Our clients can then try something new with confidence.”

The salon is currently seeing the trend for either simple flowing pony tails or more elaborated plats becoming fashionable.  The use of hair ornaments is also becoming a more featured look for a new generation influenced in part by the game of thrones stars.

“Fortunately fashion is not scared to repeat a look.  Hair fashion can be effortless and easy to enjoy, and importantly generate those admiring glances and genuine comments of approval!”

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