Hello from Louise Jones!

Hi! My name is Louise Jones and I run Food for Thought Cookery School in Westbourne. I am so delighted to announce that I'm going to be writing a monthly feature on Castlepoint web site where I will share with you health tips, recipes and ideas to get you inspired to think about your health, happiness and wellbeing .

My own health has brought me on this journey, by overcoming anaemia through cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy for a period of time. I soon realised how amazing our body is and how it can heal when it’s given the right tools.  I have used my experience to create a brand where I can educate and inspire people through my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm and to show you it isn’t hard to create healthy, quick and tasty recipes.  I love showing that you can eat sweet treats that actually nourishes your body and see the joy on people’s faces I believe life is for living and enjoying, not depriving yourself, so I will guide you through this journey in a  fun, informative and most of all blooming tasty way!!

My motto is “it’s got to taste naughty but be nourishing for the body!”  so here’s what I have cooked up for you this Month:

February is the month of valentine’s; hearts, love and roses. For me it’s not just about love for a partner but also about self love, treating and caring for yourself and showing love for all the wonderful people in your life.

Chocolate is one of the main symbols of valentine’s, so I thought I’d share with you some of the benefits of pure, unprocessed chocolate. In its natural form cacao could - *help your body adapt to stress *increase your energy and combat fatigue *build your immune system *shed fat and promote weight loss *help with arthritis as it's full of magnesium *improve digestion *enhance physical and mental wellbeing *balance hormones and mood swings *help improve memory *lower blood pressure & improve circulation *help boost your health as its full of antioxidants *reduce heart disease *pure chocolate has 4 times the amount of antioxidants than a normal bar of dark chocolate.

Now I’m not talking about Cadbury’s buttons or a galaxy bar here (there is no goodness in them, they are full of sugar, milk powder, chemicals, emulsifiers and preservatives) I’m talking about good quality dark chocolate that hasn’t been processed at high temperatures so the antioxidants are still present and doesn’t have nasty chemicals added. It’s worth checking the ingredients when you next go to buy some chocolate.

I can’t wait to inspire you next month with some fab healthy ideas and recipes!