The ongoing programme to reconstruct the carpark and walkways at Castlepoint has reached another key milestone, following the completion of earlier enabling works. In June 2018, the works move into the next stage of a phased five year programme so please read on to find out what you can expect to see happening on site over this period.

Will the shopping park stay open during the works?

YES - the shopping park will be open as normal throughout the reconstruction works.

Can I still easily get to Castlepoint?

YES - You should take the same route as usual to reach Castlepoint as there is no impact to the roads around the park.

Can I still enter the shopping park the same way?

The carpark reconstruction plan will keep Castlepoint accessible at all times.

We will publicise any changes in how shoppers should enter and move around the shopping park well in advance utilising local media, on-site displays and here on the Castlepoint website.

Marshalls will be deployed on site during peak trading and transition periods to advise and direct pedestrians and cars as required.

Why is the carpark undergoing works?

The carpark reconstruction at Castlepoint is the realisation of a long-term solution to remedy defects in the original carpark. Once completed the overall aesthetics and layout of the carpark will be improved.

The building works include the reconstruction of the carpark and the walkways at the shopping park.

What is the time frame of the works?

The works will be carried out in six phases over a five-year period with each phase taking approximately nine to ten months to complete. Phase 1 starts in June 2018.

Will car parking space be restricted during the reconstruction?

We have created 500 additional temporary on-site car parking spaces in three existing areas under the shops.  These additional temporary spaces, alongside the phasing regime adopted, will enable a minimum of 2,500 spaces to be available throughout all phases of the works.

Once the carpark reconstruction is complete the temporary car parking areas will be removed and the car park will return to its full capacity. 

Will it be safe to use the car park during the reconstruction?

Yes! The phased reconstruction of the car park and walkways has at its core the physical separation of customer and construction areas. Safety is our top priority and we will be working with our contractor(s) to ensure that both the car park and the shopping centre continue to meet all required health and safety standards before, during and after the works

Will the car park still be free once work is completed?

Yes – the carpark at Castlepoint will remain free for all our shoppers.

Why is it going to take so long to complete the works?

It is vital that Castlepoint remains open, with the least disruption, and provides an appropriate level of car parking throughout the car park reconstruction. The phasing solution adopted will always keep the public at a safe distance from the construction activities at the centre. We believe the solution proposed provides the optimum balance between these complex requirements and the final objective of having the works concluded in as short a period as possible.

What steps is Castlepoint taking to minimise disruption to shoppers and residents. 

Minimising the impact of the works on our shoppers, store staff and the local community has been a primary focus for us throughout the planning of the reconstruction works. The following measures have been undertaken to minimise disruption over all phases:

-The Phased approach to works will ensure that only certain stores and areas of the car-park are impacted at any one time.

-We have a communication plan in place to ensure that visitors to the shopping park are kept informed of any changes taking place onsite.

-An on-site information point has been set-up specifically to facilitate shopper’s questions and concerns during the first phase of the works.

-Car park marshals will be in place when required to ensure that car circulation around the shopping part is as smooth as possible.

-500 Additional temporary carpark spaces have been created to support having an adequate number of car spaces for shoppers during the works period

-Additional signage will be installed onsite to assist shoppers and direct you around the park.

-24 hr. security and permanent on-site centre management during peak periods

-We have constant dialogue and updates with highways, planning authority and local community groups.

-We have employed best practice with regard to environmental measures including:-

o  Dust - damping down of the demolition work faces, vehicles removing demolition arising will be sheeted, dust monitoring equipment installed, hoarding around work areas.

o  Noise – noise modelling already undertaken, noise monitoring equipment installed, acoustic barriers and specialist noise reducing equipment to be used, early morning working before shops open.

o  Vibration - To ensure the area of demolition does not cause unacceptable vibration to the rest of the structure, vibration monitoring equipment will be installed.